Rosie La Puma Lebel



Rosie La Puma Lebel is a graduate student pursuing a joint J.D. and Masters in International Policy at Stanford Law School and the Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute, respectively. Through her two degrees, she has sought to focus on short and long-term responses to the issues of immigration, human rights, and climate justice.  As a law student, she has served on leadership for the Stanford Human Rights Law Association, Stanford Advocates for Immigrants Rights, Stanford Environmental Law Journal, and the Disability and Mental Health Network at Stanford. She has also served clients through the Workers Rights Pro Bono Project and the Environmental Law Clinic. Before coming to Stanford she worked as a Development Manager with Hispanics in Philanthropy and a Program Assistant with the Advocates for Human Rights. She has a B.A. in International Relations and a minor in Creative Writing from Stanford University. Rosie lives in Menlo Park with her husband Eric and newborn son James.